, a.k.a. Clockwork or Rab, was at Lendrick between 1973 and 1976.


Alive and well and working for the other side (the polis) in Dundee, one wife "Lorraine", two kids "Robert" 9 and "Alexandra" 6. I dont know if LMS gave me normality or enhanced my abnormality but I think I am prouder of the ab. Still a tight git though so haven't paid the 5 fee yet so drop me a line and say hello.
09/05/2002 23:57:53 


Robert wrote:

Hi. I was at Lendrick at exactly the time of the school photo on the site, in fact I am in the photo - extreme left back row next to the very ginger Derek "Deek" Walker. At LMS I was called Rab or Clockwork, these days I go by Bob and I was born Robert Ronald. I am living in Dundee with Lorraine and we have 2 kids Robert(9) and Alexandra(6).

My memory for dates is only slightly abysmal but I think I was at the school from 73-76,I was in the same year as Deek Walker, Donald Forrester, Larry Parker and Steven Yeoman to name but a few.

Some of the things that that I noticed on my first visit to the site :-

The 2A class photo for 1974 - the blond girl between Jackie Main and Graeme Ritchie is Helen Smith who hailed from Boness. We went out together for a while. I think her best friend was Jackie. Harry the caretaker finished while I was at the school and was replaced by the Cattenach family, I think it was Bill, Helen and kids.

Dina I think relates to "Indiana Bubbles Dow" who is sitting in front of and between Beak and Jaz in the school photo. She came from Stirling, was larger than life, loved all the wrong boys (Stephen "Spud" Yeoman) and almost always got the shitty end of the stick.

I see a lot of another FP, Ian Kennedy who was the long term boyfriend of Shona McLaren. They both left, got married, had 2 children each, got divorced, met each other again and have been together ever since. We were talking recently about trying for a reunion of some kind, hence my finding this site, so we will sit down soon and see if we can contribute anything.

Kathy "Leak" Milligan from Alloa, red hair and sitting directly in front of Beak, got married to a mechanic from the police college in Kincardine and went to live there in the high flats. They split up a couple of years ago but her X was killed just recently in a motorbike accident. Shame about Kathy, we were an item for a long time, at one point it looked permanent.

I am not going to write any more just now, several reasons, you might not exist anymore and also I can let Kennedy know about the site and we can have a good look through, apart from that it is getting late and I'm not as young as I used to be. Hope to hear from you soon.



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