was at Lendrick between 1978 and 1982.

Ruaridh wrote (26/04/2003):

"In a recent [one to one] mail to one of the group I described the postings as "... like a few short novels punctuated by bursts of machine gun fire .... and the occasional shot gun blast."  The more time goes by, the truer that seems.

I don't post because - in large part - I'm still maladjusted and, though it may not have seemed like it to some, I'm very aware of just how easy it is to tread on peoples toes. 

John rightly pointed out the dangers of opening up old cans of worms referring to Friends re-united.  I don't, and never did , want to go down that road.

So, the crux of the matter is this: if you're wondering why no one is posting ....... and you're not posting yourself, then hey: it's your fault just as much as anyone else's.

This is meant as food for thought rather than criticism [a part of my maladjustment is that I feel compelled to put in disclaimers because I know, as already suggested, it's difficult to express complex matters in a pithy 3 line mail]

Hey, it could just be that we're not a very chatty group: that's allowed!

Anyway, this is starting to turn into a short novel [damn!] so I'll sign off and leave the ball in your court.

Cheerie for now,


Ruaridh wrote (02/03/2003):

"I've just been reading Graeham Patrick's mail and then re-reading Pete Tinlin's mail and I think I know why I'm not an active contributing member of this group.

For me LMS was fine. I'd put myself (by and large) in the "LMS worked for me" camp.  However, and perhaps it's only now that a few years have gone by that I can see it, there are quite a few others who have every reason to be in the other camp.

I was in dorm 23 for a wee while next door to the like of Peter and Hutchie and, of course, we had the odd spat hey: we were not much more than children.  We had the odd time when we got on OK.  That's life.  What ever happened to Peter to make him hate the place never happened to me.

I was also in dorm 19 alongside Sweeney, Johnny Brown, Byrkie, Phil Brown and Cleg. Things that happened next door have probably left other scars.  Sorry if that's in code to some of you - it's meant to be - and I'm even sorrier if you know exactly what I'm hinting at.

In my day [late 70s early 80s] Lendrick was not the wholly fondly remembered place that it seems to be for some of the group members from earlier days, though a desire to "do a bunk" seems to be a common if not universal theme.

I think, in a nut shell, the whole nice place/nasty place dichotomy of Lendrick unsettles me.  Not that I loose sleep over it: but inadvertently dredging up bad memories might unsettle others.

I'm not sure how much sense that makes or how wise it was to slip in a word like dichotomy but it's why I'm not too comfy joining in.  It is, however, genuinely good to hear that so many of us are still alive and kicking, so keep sending in mails!!!

Anyway, that's me vented my spleen for now, and Greaham: I'm thinking of getting a new PC soon, so I'll maybe get in touch with you since I'm just down the road in Bo'ness.

Cheerie for now,

Ruaridh "Rory" Braes"

Ruaridh previously wrote:

"Either I should get a decent set-up or I should stop trying to stream music off the net ... em ... anyway:

Hi there. I was at Lendrick 'twixt '78 and '82

Peter Piper (nee Mclauchlin) took the piano pounding route to musical nirvana - taught by Frank Z. and Robin Hails? I, on the other hand, put my musical toe into the murky waters that were "Junkie" John Quin and Kenny Spiers. Hey: we're talking guitars ... the louder the better.

Me; Ned (Eddie) Knight; "Dinger" Mullin and Chris Henderson were the back-bone of a band that I don't think ever had a name and never played an original note. .... had a lot of fun though. I seem to remember Hutch and "Dopey"(?) Dunlop (amongst others) joining in a bit too - "Holiday in Cambodia" rings a bell. Happy days.

North Pole Radio - a band that I was in and gets a mention when you follow my link on the Lendrick page (which a few of you did - cheers!) - died a long slow lingering death; the final spasm was a bit more than a year ago. Hey: that's rock 'n' roll! If you're interested check out http://www.sinbrothers.co.uk for more about what I'm doing (musically) now.  It's not an entirely gratuitous plug since there is a Lendrick connection.

Peter: I'm afraid I remember you only vaguely, though the name rang a bell right a way. You must have been at least one "corridor" down from me all the time we over lapped - when I was on top floor you were either a junior or on middle ... I think. I was a wee bit concerned when I heard the "M-cha M-cha M-cha" intro. to your tune (I do guitars remember) and it didn't help that I got 20 seconds of buffering ... then 20 seconds of music ... then 20 seconds of buffering ... etc. but once it had happened hey: I know what you're saying ... Ah yes: I remember it well.

Anyway, hello to every one out there and ... em ... goodbye.

Cheerie for now,

Ruaridh ("Rory") Braes"

Then: "Hobbies: Music, playing the guitar or bass in a rock style.
Latest News: At Lendrick from '78 -> '82. Started a new job in August 2002. Nothing very exciting: working in a Livingstone mail room..... mainly putting letters into bags. Not very rock 'n' roll."


Ruaridh's birthday is September 15th.

There is a web page at http://members.tripod.co.uk/npr/blurb/ruaridh.html

It says:-


A bit of blurb about Ruaridh:-

I am Ruaridh, North Pole Radio's Bass player. I only officially became a member of the band in November/December 1999, But I've known the rest of the lads for about a year or so - it was sort of a friend of a friend thing.

I helped the previous incarnation of North Pole Radio with a demo they were making back in March 1999. When Iain - erstwhile vocalist/guitarist - left the band they re-shuffled themselves a bit; Calum was playing guitar and bass - OK when your recording but a tad tricky at a gig. So I stepped in and hey, the rest is history - well it soon will be.

As you might be able to work out from the picture, I work for Motorola in Bathgate where I'm a machine minder. I look after the machines that place the tiny components onto the PCBs which in turn go on to be made into mobile phones - frankly I'd rather be a bassist.

A wee update: I am currently between jobs. But I've set up an interview at a local jam factory - how rock 'n' roll would that be? I get to make jam all day and then I come home and jam with the lads - all day every day jamming - superb.

... Time passes...

I've had several temporary jobs since then. I'm currently working in a whisky bottling plant just outside Edinburgh - which is nice.


Oddly, his uses the Anglicised spelling of his name.

Ftumsh was a character in one episode of the TV sitcom "The Young Ones"

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