was at Lendrick between 1973 and 1975.

She is now Shona King.

She wrote "Has anyone any idea of the whereabouts of Barbara Mackay? She left LMS at some point in 1975 I think. Originally from the Drumbrae area of Edinburgh. We lost touch about 6 months later. Would love to hear from her again." 24/03/2003 15:19:11 

Shone wrote "I'm the person 8th from the left 2nd row in the photo. 8th from the right 2nd row is Barbara Mckay and 3rd from the right 2nd row is Marina Rotherham.

Marina and I absconded one night and hitched a lift with a lorry driver to wherever it was Marina lived at the time. I can't remember where. When we got there the lorry driver asked if any of us were willing to pay him.

Being a good deal less street wise than Marina, I told him we had no money. Next thing Marina was hauling me out of the cab and swearing at the driver telling him what a pervert he was. I never got to thank Marina for that as I wasn't sure what was going on and it took me a long time to figure out what she was so mad at, by which time we'd lost touch, so if you're out there Marina, thank you very much. We of course didn't get very far. We were picked up the following morning I think by Mr Glaister, taken back to LMS and grounded for forever. Didn't go down to well with my boyfriend at the time either, Derek Walker."

Shona wrote (2003-10-07):
"Well I got expelled because a member of staff was hitting me all the way along a corridor and I finally flipped and retaliated when we got to the end of the corridor.  It might have been school policy not to physically attack anyone, but it was a policy that was ignored a lot of the time.  I know of other people who were also physically punished.  It did happen.


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