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Alex Morrice, a.k.a. Papa, taught Maths, and Sport (Hockey), at Lendrick in the Fifties and Sixties.

Tom McDonald writes (24/08/2003):

"Papa Morrice was a short portly guy if I remember correctly. In class a bit of a bastard but that might just have been because I didn't care much for maths! His classroom was by the old bicycle shed just beyond the wooden classrooms. Jim Haig's science classroom was also situated here.

Papa was also in charge of the "bank" where our pocket money was kept and this was in the kitchen corridor opposite the dining room. He wasn't such a bugger outside of class and was in fact quite cheerful and often shared a joke but I was always wary of him.

He lived in Powmill and I imagine he may well no longer be with us.

I was one of the school hockey goalkeepers and I remember Papa being involved but to what extent my aging brain can't remember."

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