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Frank A. Zwolinski taught(?) at Lendrick between 1978 and 1982.

Music teacher. Man with a squint and a large set of keys which he used to throw at pupils. He was punched by Kevin Banner.

Frank in ridiculous hat

Abernethy School, 1872 - 2002: A Commemorative History,
by Frank A. Zwolinski
Culross: ISBN 1 873891 72 5

Following the success of his previous book: 'Abernethy: A Reflective Social Study From Old Photographs and Postcards' Culross, 2001, Frank Zwoliski was invited to record the history of Abernethy School before its closure and transfer to new premises in 2002.

The history of education at Abernethy School since 1872 reflects clearly the development and evolution of the widely respected 'Scottish Tradition' in terms of expansion and development, educational administration and political influence and positive intervention.

At the heart of the development of the 'Scottish Tradition' in education, the main thrust, primarily through numerous Education Acts, has been a continuous striving towards every child's right to free education, a better quality of life for children, a greater quality of educational opportunity, and a recognition of their rights and needs as human beings.

Frank Zwolinski is a graduate of the University of Dundee. Copies available from Abernethy Museum, Abernethy Primary School and the AK Bell Library Shop, Perth priced ?5.

Abernethy. A reflective social study from old photographs and postcards.
Frank Zwolinski and Jim Swan
ISBN 1 873891 48 2

Dr Frank Zwolinski, member of the Graduate Council and himself a graduate of the University, has, with Jimmy Swan, compiled a pictorial record of the small burgh of Abernethy. Through the unearthing of old forgotten documents and the gleaning of snippets of information from the residents themselves a story of the past 125 years in Abernethy unfolds.

Professor Ian Machin of the history department in a review of the book comments: "Having supervised Dr Zwolinski's PhD thesis, I am generally sure of his factual accuracy and I am glad to see his talents transferred, in the production of this book on his home town, to a more accessible and popular form of history."

Of the volume Dr Zwolinski explained: "It seems that there are more and more books in the shops on local history and it does seem a fitting time in the new millennium to stop, take stock and look back. It is important to know and understand our heritage; from what, and how, we have evolved."

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