Ian Kerr (Gammy) was a teacher at Lendrick between 1964 and 1971.

Tom McDonald wrote:


Having mentioned Mr. Kerr, there was one evening during the one winter when someone had been letting off stink bombs around the school and the place absolutely stank! It was like walking round in a sewer. Mr. Kerr was shouting about the disgrace of it all and was thundering around the school with a hockey stick in his hand. I came upon him in what we used to call the "schoolroom corridor" which housed the art room & rooms 3, 4 & 5. As it was cold, even inside school, most of us were wearing those old corduroy jackets and they had a large breast pocket on each side. Mr. Kerr tapped, no hit each pocket, then the trouser pockets so that if he had found the boy with the stink bombs and he had any in his pocket then he was going to stink for weeks.
What Mr. Kerr hoped to achieve I didn't know then and don't know now. He was in one of his eye bulging, purple faced rages about the smell, so all he was a going to do was keep the stink around for a long time afterwards!
When Mr. Kerr was nice, he was smashing and as a hockey coach and motivator in that respect, almost unequalled but when he got angry, it was dig a hole, get in, fill it in and hide!
He did help me make a great sewing box for my mum in about 1964 and I proudly carried it home on the train. I must have looked a right pillock.
I remember once my class had to share the 6th form's French lesson with Mr. Sim and Lenny Wilson was sitting at the front just a yard from I think it was Christine Henderson, but I'm not 100% sure of that, so if it wasn't & Christine reads this, please accept my apologies.
Well, Lenny being Lenny, got his willy out and Christine[?] saw what he was doing with it whilst smiling at her. She reported the matter and Mr. Kerr had Lenny down to his classroom for the usual telling off. This consisted of bending over a bench and having your backside thrashed with a hockey stick. We all congregated by the big gate and listened to the punishment taking place. Lenny got a good few very painful swipes and left in agony. We would have been next if Mr. Kerr had known we were there.


He also owned the shop/tearoom over the bridge at Rumbling Bridge.

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