Miss (Isabel C.) Duff was a Housemother then Matron at Lendrick 1960 -1965

David Morriceon wrote "One lazy evening (or weekend) Andy McKie and I were lolling around dorm 21 when we heard a scream from the toilets next door. (I'm sure Philip Haddock won't mind me telling the painful tale now). On investigation we discovered that Phil had been on the receiving end of a small accident involving his trouser zip and to add insult to injury had managed to cut his pride and joy. I presume he must have nicked a blood vessel as it wouldn't stop bleeding and it was a toss-up between me and Andy as to who went to ask for a plaster (I think we both lost and both went to get the required medical accessory). I remember the door to the first aid room door at the top of the stairs was open but I got a shock when I saw that it was Aggie Duff that was on duty. I gamely told her that Philip had cut himself and needed a plaster but was mortified when she asked me where he had cut himself. I mean how could you tell Aggie that he had cut himself there!!! It was then I found out what a character she could be, she burst out laughing and said that she had better take the plaster to "poor Philip" herself. She marched along the corridor and almost killed Phil with shock as she barged into the dorm. She teased him for a few minutes demanding to see the injury before walking off chuckling and leaving the plaster on the bed."

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