John Quin was the History teacher. His wife's name was Janet. In the latter days they ran a unit at Craigard/Seamab. He also played guitar.

His predecessor was Howard Davenport.

John Mackenzie wrote:

"Nobody mentioned his [Quin's] canoeing activities or his gaggle of children or his long suffering wife Janet ...he was at least trying to be a well rounded individual unlike most at LMS (I'm thinking of the pupils mostly here :o) He became resident at Craigard after Bob Glaister left, which was after my time, he was still in the bungalow next door to Claire Walker when I left. In Bob Downie's (Downey??) old place. "

John is 3rd right at the back.

Richard Russell and John Quin

John Quin and Kenny Speirs

Quinn is the wrong spelling, I think.

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