Joe Campbell was at LMS as far back as 1953 - can that be right? That would place him about eleven years of age!!!

He was the sports teacher from 1971 and was at one point a 'youth leader'.

He was still there in 1981.

Sadly, Joe passed away in 2002. He died from cancer at the age of 60 having also suffered from M.E. for some fifteen/twenty years. Amongst others, Dave & Gill Simmons, Dave & Marie-France Thornber, Robin Hayles, Tim Foxall, Jim and Veronica Haig, Marion Bisset and  Kenny Speirs attended Joe's funeral.

His wife pre-deceased him. He had one daughter, now married.

Ruaridh Braes and Joe Campbell

Joe is front left

Joe Campbell, Clare Walker, and Mrs Gillett

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