Maurice Bridgeland taught English at Lendrick from 1962-1967.

He had a wife, Ruth, and three children: Rachel, Simon (Sam), and Laurence.

He went on to became Headmaster of Frensham Heights for a while, after being lecturer in Special Education at Liverpool University, and after that became Adviser in Special education to the Portsmouth Education Authority

Robert Richardson wrote "I remember one fascinating thing about Mr Bridgeland: his gift of prophecy ! The date was 21st of November 1963. The subject of his class that day was along the lines of what might happen if a major world leader was killed while in office. I don't remember all the follow-up discussion to that idea, but do remember that, the next day, we learned that President Kennedy had been assassinated in Dallas. Needless to say 'Bridgie' took considerable ragging over the incident, along the lines that he must be a co-conspirator, and 'has MI6 been to see you yet sir?'"

I hope you've all read Maurice Bridgeland's book, Pioneer Work with Maladjusted Children: A Study of the Development of Therapeutic Education.

Ron McGill speaks highly of Maurice in his book 'The Early Years'.

Maurice Bridgeland died peacefully on the 22nd of May 2013.

He is buried with his beloved wife Ruth ( who died in 2004 ) at St.Mary's Church, Brading, Isle of Wight.

There is a Memorial page @ with a book of remembrance.

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