Mrs E. McGlennan (Hairy Ma) taught Geography at Lendrick between 1952 and 1975.

Robert Richardson wrote "Mrs McGlennon was a wonderful teacher, could also pinch hit in English and History if I remember right. I guess I was a somewhat scruffy kid at school, a fact which she once managed to raise a good laugh about, at my expense. How it came about was as follows..... I was taken seriously ill with appendicitis, and was eventually rushed to Bridge of Earn Hospital late at night by Mr and Miss Grieve in his Jaguar ( a beautiful car ! ) Anyway, I was duly operated on, and spent around two weeks at the hospital, which was how I know that Mary Richardson, a former pupil, was a student nurse there. On my return to the school, my first class was Mrs McGlennan's. I remember knocking on the door ( old Room 2 I think ) and being commanded to enter ! Mrs McG saw who it was, and said " Oh, its you, well, welcome back I suppose and take a seat.... you look disgustingly clean !!! " She was, if I remember, a very ardent supporter of the SNP. We used to have morning assembly, rollcall, sing a couple of hymns and then finish up with any announcements for the day. Quite often we'd be invited to choose a hymn for the day. The one that used to totally freak her out was I think Hymn 640, "..and did those feet, in ancient times walk upon England's green and pleasant land.... !! " The braver of those amongst us would frequently request it to be sung. !!!"

Sandra Davies wrote (21/08/2003):

"I picked up your web site about LMS quite by accident. My mother was Mrs McGlennan. She retired in 1975 and died aged 88 in 1994. I live in Dollar now, having lived in London, North Wales and South Wales - moving back up here in 1974. I was a pupil at the original school, Naemoor, from when it opened c.1947? until I left to go to college in 1956. My mother, having been widowed in 1945 taught locally until about 1952 when she started at Naemoor. I have probably got more recollections of Naemoor School pupils and staff than you have since you were of a later vintage. If you want any please get in touch with me and I will try to help - I will try not to be libellous in my recollections! It would be helpful if you could set me specific questions

Sandra Davies nee McGlennan"

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