Norman Bisset was Welfare Officer at Lendrick Muir.

Of Norman, one pupil recalls:

"Norman Bisset had his moments. I still carry the scar to this day. I was in the showers in junior corridor and for a laugh I put a pair of black N.H.S. glasses over my dick and pissed. It was funny; I shouted "he's pissing" and Norman caught me. He was mopping the floor using one of those mops that consist of two hinged metal plates. He shouted and lunged at me with the mop. I ran bollock naked, slipping on the wet floor, yeah you guessed, I slipped and fell. Norman caught me with the steel edge of the mop in the right buttock. It was a nice wound, about 2" across, bleeding well enough to merge into the shower floor like a red oil slick. I knew he got as much of a fright as I did. It was left to a young matron called Anne (I think) to patch me up. Using those old pink plasters that smelled of pain (they still do). In hindsight and with a nursing background this wound needed 2 to 3 stitches, but the weapon that caused the wound was used to clean toilets so a tetanus shot would have also been appropriate. This would have involved a trip to the hospital, and some very  awkward questions from doctors and nursing staff who worked there. I am now 33 the wound is still visible. Obviously it was not considered comedic in the trenches of the Somme to put a pair of specs on your dick and piss. As with all LMS incidents the outcome was the same: I went to my bed and I held back the tears not from my dorm mates but from the "trusty's" who listened attentively for little boy's crying at night and crying meant a trip to the games hall.  God bless Normal Bisset, as me and Andy B. called him. Years after leaving LMS whenever Andy and I saw a burgundy Nissan cherry we would look for "the grey man at the wheel" with the mop perched on the passenger seat. We would always crease up."

Norman & Marion on the left

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