Robin Hayles taught biology. He went on to become assistant head, and then headmaster. Not a bad badminton player. His wife was a nurse, and he has two children: Carol and Lisa.

Robin is back right.

Robin is back right.

In the 2000 season he did reasonably well for the Kinross chess club: Details at He didn't do so well in the 1999 competition:


In the final souvenir edition of the school magazine he write:



I think anyone who has had any experience of Lendrick Muir will enjoy this collection of reminiscences from the various contributors. Its variety reflects the very different personalities of the staff who at different times have lived and worked at Lendrick Muir.

Despite their variety, the articles are characterised by their humour the writers' readiness to laugh at themselves, an ability so necessary for weathering the frequently stormy life at Lendrick.

It is, of course, difficult to be writing an introduction to this final magazine but the quality of the articles and the often hilarious anecdotes capture the legend of Lendrick Muir which will continue long after its closure.

Lendrick Muir has played a unique role in the education of children experiencing emotional difficulties. Its closure will sadly, leave a large gap in the educational provision for such children. The fund of experience, the commitment and under-standing of the various contributors to this magazine show how difficult it will be to fill that gap.



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