taught Modern Studies, music, etc. He was at Lendrick between 1964 and 1973. Hill-walking and sailing were his interests.

Roger is at least 69 years of age and is now retired and living in the Shetland Islands in a kit home that he built. Roger told Keith that Jim Haig had gone to South Africa as principal of a school and that he'd lost touch with him.

Roger wrote:

"On cue after Gordon:

But I'm just repeating myself from LMS final Souvenir Edition, and sinking again into that rich world of nostalgia - which becomes more precious as memories fray at the edges."

Roger wrote:

"I've been enjoying the recent correspondence;- for those of us with fading (tho' always precious) memories, appending years at Lendrick (I was 64 -73) would help; and my middle name was my mum's family's - Penrice: nearly right Mark. Ian Smart called me Wolfgang. & later I got called Felix; as a pupil I had Bonzo as nickname. If anyone could collect Lendrick nicknames, it would feed our nostalgia. Figgy-prune and Campbell's condensed come to mind. Having just passed 70, I'm expecting to soon become RIP Wildman! Roger Penrose is the brilliant mathematician/astronomer; wish I'd had his brains- math(s) seems the gateway to exciting visions e.g. John Barrow's "Artful Universe", and A. Barabasi's "Linked". Good to see so many LMS FPs thriving, & nice to be remembered."

Gordon Thomson wrote of Roger (19/11/2003): "Brilliant teacher, musician and mentor with great sense of humour."

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