was at Lendrick between 1963 and 1965.

Tom wrote (2004-03-05): "I used to go poaching on the estate with Arthur. We caught rabbits and guddled for trout in the Devon. We cooked them on a fire in a biscuit tin that contained butter. The butter was obtained by Arthur standing on my shoulders and climbing through the fan light above the door of the pantry. I remember Ms Duff making a lot of fuss but we were never caught. I can't remember where Arthur came from but I think it was north of Rumbling Bridge! maybe towards Aberdeen?"

Tom wrote (2004-02-17): "I did leave earlier than expected which was Easter 1964. I was 16 and due to sit 'O' levels shortly after the Easter holidays. It was the first year of 'O' levels at the school for which the school was badly prepared as the 'O' levels replaced the Scottish Lower certificate which you didn't take until you were 17. I bottled it due to lack of confidence, but I later realised we were sit them anyway even though we would fail and the school would play catch up for the next year. I always had a job to go to in a handyman shop I had worked in before I went to the school.

I was in Southsea at the New Year. We were visiting my son and his fiancée who are getting married later in the year at the church in Portsmouth dockyard. He was with the marines and she is in the Royal Navy.

I was on the Tuck shop committee with Ian Smart, in the band with Robin Brown, palled about with Jamie Pyper and sometime boyfriend of Ann Biggending. The names in list helps to bring back quite a few. For what I remember I was in Dorm 26 most of the time, the bed behind the door. When we had the lights on after lights out, I had the responsibility to switch off the light if anybody was coming. I devised an arrangement with my dressing gown which I hung on the door and looped my gown cord over a nail with the tassel hooked on to the light switch. When Bridgy opened the door it switched off the light and the dressing gown cord fell into place by the gown. This frustrated Bridgy so much, he would confiscate the end of our beds and when that didn't stop it we had to sleep on the landing.

I later regretted leaving when I did, I just wish my dad had made me go back."


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