The Story of Lendrick Muir

Lendrick Muir is a large neo-classical mansion designed by Adam Frame of Alloa. It was built in 1874 as Naemoor House for Robert Moubray of Cambus Distillery. The detailed specifications for every part of the design and building work have survived. The house still retains many of its original features, including very fine, elaborate plasterwork in several of the main rooms. The house, which is set in over 120 acres of garden and parkland, became Naemoor School in 1946. Naemoor was a private school. The name was changed to Lendrick Muir School in 1962 when the school 'went public'. It became a private school again in 1988 and continued as an educational establishment until 1998, when another organisation purchased it and altered the building for use as a residential activity centre.

This web site focuses on the years between 1962 and 1988.

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