Billy Juliff was at Lendrick in 1976.

Billy Juliff sent us the following letters:

"Hi Ian

I was surfing through the internet the other day and out of curiosity I decided to search on "Lendrick Muir" and to my amazement and I saw your site. It was great to see the old photographs of the school, members of staff and pupils from way back then. I don?t know if you will remember me as I was a few years older than you, but I was at Lendrick at the same time as yourself 1975 through 1976. You would remember me as Billy Juliff, I don?t know if I am the "Billy????" mentioned on your site. I don?t seem to recognise a lot of the pupils in your photographs, but then it was such a long time ago and they may not have been there the same time we were. Although she was not there when we were, the only person I recognise clearly was Adrianne Postlethwaite, that is because I went back up to visit for a few days in 1979 with Eric Hamilton (Spike) and I met her then. She was not the sort of person that you could forget (but I won't go into that). I remember nearly all of the staff. I wasn?t sure about Mr Alastair Lawson until I saw a picture of him and then it came back to me. I was surprised that there was no "halo?s" above their heads as they must have had the patience of saints to put up with what we used to dish out to them.

I must admit that I started to get a bit nostalgic. Especially when I think of things like the old school bus which always needed a push to get it going and which the sensible people never stood at the back as you were liable to be suffocated with the fumes. No-one used to sit right at the back either for the same reason. I actually saw that bus several years later at an old garage in the town of Bathgate in West Lothian. There was so many characters at the school and so many stories we could tell.

I never kept in touch with anyone except Eric Hamilton (Spike) after I left and I have not seen him since 1982 so I am unable to help you in regard to how anyone else is getting on these days. I think it was hard to keep in touch as we were from all over Scotland and a few from England. I hope that you keep up the good work and if you feel I can be of any help just e-mail me. They only suggestion I have is that Crispin Heath used to take a lot of photographs and 8mm cine film (he had a good one of a sports day) but I don?t know if he ever kept them, it would be great if he had. Mr Simmons used to take a lot of photographs as well. Have you ever tried to contact anyone for more photographs.

Here are a few more names for your board: Mark Donaldson (Duck), Jimmy Malone, Eric Hamilton (Spike), Peter Storey, these were all on Middle corridor when I was there. Some of the girls were: Susan Wain, Nancy Kincaid, Morag Cameron (she used to hang around with Maureen Kennedy and Alison Coleman), Fiona Cannon, Carol Cullinane, Nicky Kirwan, Jackie Main (we used to call her Melons for the obvious reasons,).

I have attached 2 newsletters sent to me by Mr Thorber in 1982 & 1985 for your information but you may already have them. If not I hope they will be of some use.


P.S. Thanks for the memories."

The 2nd letter would be in response to a letter from Eddie:

"Hi Eddie

I was at Lendrick from 75 to 76. You say that you were at Lendrick between 77 & 81 so you might have met me when I came up to visit in the summer of 79. I came up on a Friday for a visit but I stayed till the Tuesday. I hung about with Adrianne Postlethwaite and Alan Dalrymple a lot of the time. On reflection you are probably right that the time at Lendrick was not always sweetness and light.

The teachers who I remember being hard were Jaz Haig and Joe Campbell. Jaz Haig was usually pretty fair unless he was in a bad mood. I remember he was not pleased when he took us to see him trying out his new 800 handglider.

A gust of wind made him crash it and it was totally ruined. What really got to him though was when his wife to be "Veronica Flynn" arrived to teach.

Being the teenage boys that we were we tried to chat her up and he didn't like this, I think she quite enjoyed it. The teacher who I found it hard to like was Joe Campbell the PE teacher he was so arrogant and he WAS a bully.

Luckily I was not a sporty person and never had much to do with him. Some of the teachers in my day were really nice but we gave them a hard time. Mr Simmons was a teacher in particular who had it hard. Because he had a stoop several pupils used to make fun of him. I don't think you will know Susan Wain she left at the end of 1975. She was a small pear shaped girl with short brown hair and glasses.

You suggested that the death rate at Lendrick seemed higher than average, but when you think about it we were all hardly average. We had been places, seen things and done things by the time we got to Lendrick that people twice our age would never have dreamed of doing. I honestly believe that all the people who went to Lendrick were special. They were a mixture of intelligent, imaginative, sporty and a few had enhanced criminal skills (but we wont go into that). I think what was wrong with us that we were driven people who would not conform to what the world expected from us. A typical example was Alex (Ecky) Baxter, who came across as not the most intelligent of people but he had a great imagination. He used to make his own comics and create all these weird and wonderful characters. He was also a compulsive fitness addict who was built like the proverbial "brick shithouse". He was the only person who I have known who could do press-ups with his thumbs.

The weirdest character I ever came across was a guy called Andrew (I think his surname was McKnight, Ian Sweeney might remember him as he would have been on Junior Corridor at the same time). This guy was about 11 or 12 and hated being at Lendrick, it fact he made it his sole pupose in life at that time to escape.

There was once a crowd of us who were going down to Muckart, he wanted to go so we were told to look after him. When we got there he promptly disappeared and we saw him several hundred yards down the road making a sprint for it. We all gave chase but he disappeared into a housing estate.

We split up and eventually one of us found him in one of the houses. He had told the occupants that he was an orphan and he was in the process of trying to get them to adopt him. We apologised to them and proceeded to take him back to school. Halfway back a small minivan was coming towards us and he jumped out in front of it making it swerve and shouted at the driver that we were all trying to kill him and that the driver should take him home immediately.

Where am I at the moment in my life. Until about 10 years ago my life consisted of partying. I could never stick a job for more than a few weeks because I used to hate people telling me what to do. It was only about 10 years ago I started to think about my life. Here I was nearly 30 no job, no money and no prospects. So in 1989/90 I went to college and sat and passed 3 highers and 2 O Levels. I must admit that because I wanted to go rather was made to go I really quite enjoyed it. The following year I sat and passed an HNC in Business Studies. I have now been in employment for about 8 and a half years. I was the same with relationships, I used to only have girlfriends for several weeks before I dumped them. I met my wife at college and we lived together for 9 years before I asked her to marry me.

We got married last October.

I enjoyed my life at Lendrick. But if I'm honest I dont know if I got anything from it. I don't think I was any different after I had left than when I first started. It was totally different to my home life so in a way it never helped me to deal with problems at home. I suppose it gave us all opportunities, to get an education, but the vast majority never took this up. For a lot of people it gave them a needed break from home life.

Sorry I seem to be rambling on a bit. I will quit for now.


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